Good to Meet You

I want to get to know you.

Empathy is my strongest skill. Photography – a craft I hone with time, curiosity, and love – is the medium my empathy expresses itself best.

My first commission was over decade ago, and I’ve been tremendously fortunate to have many wonderful clients ever since. My experience has varied from event photography to portraits, pets to real estate, and operating my own business as well as shooting for other photographers.

How I photograph you:
Being in front of a lens is exhilarating to some and terrifying to the rest of us. As someone who’s terrified of being in front of the lens, I appreciate the power of a photo to empower or degrade. I don’t take that lightly. When we work together, you don’t need to do anything but be yourself. I see you in the kindest light, and know that however you are right now is worth remembering in a photo. If it’s a portrait, we’ll sit and chat, maybe wander around a park. I’d love to hear your story. If I’m photographing your family, we’ll have decided on something your family is happy doing together, most likely in an environment that feels like home. If you’re a couple? Goodness. I’ve never had a couple I didn’t love to photograph. I’ll direct you as needed, but if you don’t hear much from me, it’s because what you’re doing looks great. And if I misjudge and post a photo you don’t feel comfortable with? Tell me. I’ll delete it right away, no questions asked, no offense taken. Although, you should know this never happens.

But really, who am I?

Aw, gee, thanks for asking. I am a listener, feeler, and creative entrepreneur who’s brain never stops ideating. I was born a California wildflower in the middle of a Pennsylvania cornfield, to a Mennonite Maker and Irish Giver (no disrespect to that field – its lessons are endless). I’ve been gifted a heart too big for my body and a name permitting originality. It’s pronounced sin-yay, but I won’t be upset if you get it wrong. I’m currently in grad school for Art Therapy Counseling and living in Oregon City, OR. I’m originally from outside of Philly and will happily return for photos if we can arrange it. I’m also a writer only beginning to write for the world to see, a second-shooter for other photographers, and a painter still in hiding. I imagine my life will take me many places with many titles, and that makes me so very happy.

Now it’s your turn. I’d love to hear about you.

Photos by the wonderful and badass Mike Arrison

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